Imagine if you will a band. Not just any ordinary band, but a band cut from a different cloth.

siA band with soul, whose sole mission is to infect the planet with love, with passion and with music to make you smile and make you think. Imagine, if you can, the loose kites.

With a unique and dynamic eight-piece line up, including members with diverse backgrounds, the kites represent something different. With a sound which includes elements of folk, pop, rock and more, the band relies not only on the staples of voice, guitar, bass and drums, but also brass, strings and keys. Those additional elements make the distinctive kites sound a fuller one. That sound still accentuates the positive, with the focus very much on the groove, and the catchiness of the tunes. Harmonies abound, and melody is king.

The band has developed and adapted new elements into its core since being formed five years ago. After the release of their self-titled debut back in 2009, the band quickly picked up gigs, radio and an endorsement with the highly acclaimed Farida guitar company, alongside Oasis, Maximo Park, The Levellers and The Wombats. The company has hailed them as one of the most exciting folk acts this country has produced in recent years.

Now the kites are moving forward with their brand new album, Of Bricks And Brambles. A marked progression from their debut, the album shows that the band are not afraid of expressing themselves in a variety of musical settings. Taking inspiration from local life in the Chester area in which they grew up, the album takes queues from far and wide, and transfers them into the bands very special sound. The album is accompanied by a range of exciting and witty videos which will be used to promote forthcoming singles.

With an enviable live record, including headlining national festivals, the bands shows have become legendary in their home area. Most recently rocking Telfords Warehouse in Chester, the band are set for select UK and international dates in 2014.
The loose kites mix a strong sense of local tradition with an international outlook. Their music is good-time-low-down-good-fun, delivered within a timeless setting, of emotion and soulfulness.

Press, PR, booking and management:
Gideon Thomas for +44 (0)7501017664 or

Additional contact: Foz +44 (0) 7979757928 or

Toni Visconti

The band is delightful. They write good songs and have excellent voices.


BBC Wales – Adam Walton

See this, this is your radio smiling at you, because it’s filled with unaccountable joy…which has an effect on my generally hackneyed and jaded heart…Courtesy of – the loose kites…I really like that song ‘Nice To Be Nice’, and the sentiment.


Schotts List

Of Bricks And Brambles is a grown up Loose Kites album.It’s a belter and worthy of investment…They now have my complete attention. Brilliant.

The Faulkner Review

The Loose Kites, hailing from Chester, are one of those delightfully quirky and effortlessly eccentric groups that Britain seems to have a particular knack of producing. Whether The Loose Kites break through to the upper echelons of the music industry remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt they deserve to. Anyone who has seen them perform knows they are also a fantastic live band and they themselves must want more than to be ‘Britain’s best-kept musical secret’.


Best Unsigned Band  –london lite – london evening standard

They have an impressive string of influences. Their songs have all the warmth and familiarity of old leather.


The Skinny – Edinburgh  –Graeme Blaikie

With their rockabilly-cum-skiffle sound, the loose kites have quickly built up a reputation for top tunes and quality musicianship…

GameAxis/L33T Singaporean Culture Magazine  –Raine Ng Qi Wen.

Most likely to make your day better with their head bobbing tunes. It’s what we need to brighten up a gloomy day.


Xfm Scotland  –Jim Gellatly

A fantastic slab of good time indie rock and roll… Be diggin’ that. If not, there’s something wrong with you I reckon.


BBC Merseyside Live session  –Claire Hamilton

A really, really good sound, and so upbeat. It’s what we need.


BBC Stoke Live Session  –Stoke Sounds – Danny Hill

If you haven’t yet heard of The Loose Kites, then you really should include them in your “Gigs to attend.” Already with five residencies across the country, The Loose Kites are a band in high demand.

Potent Hooks  –MU Magazine

Although they have been together for just over a year, The Loose Kites are receiving much attention for their energetic and catchy rock. Legendary producer Tony Visconti has sung their praises and the mainstream media, including the BBC and Xfm, is beginning to cite them as a band to watch.  Awesome.


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